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The Second Major Problem: Sales Tactics

“Running bogus sales and using high pressure sales tactics are rampant in the mattress industry” - NBC Today Show

Mattress sales associates are notorious for aggressive sales tactics. They almost all work on a commission based system, which drives the need to sell in order to maintain a living. There is nothing wrong with a commission based compensation system; it is one of the best ways to get high performance out of employees. The sales associate must maintain a target “margin” which is essentially the profit percentage their sales made for the store. If their profit is well above target for a month (or whatever time period they are measured against), they have a bit more room to negotiate on the next sale. At the end of the day, the more margin they produce, the more they get paid. Note that more margin doesn’t necessarily mean a higher price. The mattress sales associate could be making more from a lower price model than an expensive one.

For Example:


Store Profit Margin

20% Sales Commission

$ 1,200.00

$ 360.00

$ 72.00

$ 900.00

$ 450.00

$ 90.00

Three Factors that Promote Aggressive Sales Tactics in the Mattress Industry

Shopping for a car, a television, or a major appliance can actually be fun in a weird sort of way. It’s that dream in your head of having this new cool product in your home. Showing it off to your neighbors, using it’s cool new features, etc. These are products that are usually sold by a commissioned sales associate, but the confidence of that associate is nowhere near that of their counterpart in the mattress industry.

When consumers are found in the mattress section of a department store, or in a dedicated mattress store, they are more likely to be serious shoppers than those found browsing in other types stores. For example, many people all day long browse through electronics shops, clothing departments, sports stores and so on, with no real intent of buying anything. They may be there because they picked up a related product, something relatively cheap, and were just doing a little “window shopping” around something they are interested in or may want in the future. Nobody browses around in the mattress department for kicks. Nobody visits a mattress discount store unless they are going to be buying a mattress real soon. Mattresses are boring, ugly, and not many people really know much about them. Shopping for a mattress is not fun and many just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. A mattress is just a mattress to many folks, especially for those who have not shopped for one in a long while.

The sales associates know all of this very well, and the way they see it is every person that walks into their territory is going to buy the product very soon. When a sales shark, excuse me, sales associate knows this, their confidence is heightened. The fangs grow longer and they begin to drool a little bit. Oh, sorry again, I mean they become a bit more aggressive. The sales associate, knowing their prey is going to buy, will not hold back much when trying to make that sale happen on that day, in their store, on their terms.

In addition to this phenomenon, mattresses are not cheap products. At $500 to $3000 or more, many individuals consider the mattress a major purchase. Remember the name game we discussed earlier? That name game keeps profits high. It allows a high “mark up,” the difference between what the retailer pays for the product and what they sell it for. Products that have high mark-ups usually have high commissions for the sale associate.

Taking these three facts together:

· A person shopping for a mattress is usually a serious shopper, soon to be purchasing a mattress.

· Commission based sales associates are aware that the mattress shopper is going to buy somewhere, and most likely soon.

· Mattresses, due to the “name game,” have high mark ups and therefore high commissions for the sales associate.

This is a lethal combination for the consumer. A mattress shopper is better equipped to avoid being ripped off when they fully understand this concept. You don’t have to buy that guy’s mattress. Make the decision your own decision. You now know what is going through the mind of the mattress salesman. You have just gained an edge in the battle. What else should the consumer be aware of?

Remember that mattresses are always on sale somewhere. When comparing prices, be sure to compare “apples to apples”. The typical coil spring mattress sale will be 40% to 60% off “regular price.” When shopping from store to store, and when you are at the price issue part of the 5 Steps to buying a mattress, make sure you're comparing either the sale prices or the regular prices. Most likely it will be the sale prices.

What Mattress Sales Tactics to Watch Out For...

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