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The First Problem: It’s All in the Name

Comparison shopping is an excellent means of getting the best possible deal for a given product. But what if you can’t comparison shop? What if an industry is setup specifically to avoid comparison shopping by the consumer? Welcome to the wonderful Mattress Industry!

“Typically, like you I learn more as I shop more. When shopping for a mattress recently, the more I shopped the more confused I became.

The confusion is not without merit. Take, for example, what a typical consumer might be thinking before going out on that Saturday afternoon to “shop around” for a new mattress. Maybe they’ve lined up a few mattress discount outlets, and then they’ll hit the department stores. They have a price range in mind and swear they will not let the sales associate persuade them to budge from it. The first mattress discount store has a large variety of potential new resting pads for the savvy shopper, and they have narrowed it down to a few makes and models within the price range. They are able to wrestle their way out of the grips of the sales force (more on this later) and off to the next stop they go.

In the shopper’s grip is the common “short-list” from their first stop at Mattress Discounters. A pillow-top is currently the type they want, and specifically, they liked the Sealy McClellan, the Simmons Beautyrest Pure Rosemary, and the Sterns and Foster Pulitzer Fountain. The Mattress Discounters’ price is scribbled next to each item and off they go to find a better deal.

This confident uber-shopper roles on in to the local 1-800-matress outlet, list in hand and ready to bargain.

“I’d like to take a look at the Sealy McClellan, in a queen size please” he says with authority.

“McClellan? Um, we don’t carry that line” replies the salesman with a smirk.

“You don’t? Surely you do, it’s part of Sealy’s Body & Spirit Collection!”

“No, but let me show you something you might be happier with…”

From there, the charade begins. The confidence begins to drain from the shopper’s body, quickly refilled with confusion and an aching desire to call someone who actually knows what they are talking about. The irony is, unfortunately, that the sales associate knows exactly what this person feeling. He knows the exact model and line, and knows that this sorry sole just came from Mattress Discounters, where he gathered what he thought was his ammo for the salesman-negotiating battle.

From this point the confidence has now shifted to the sales associate as he shows his prey the exclusive Sealy models offered by 1-800-Mattress such as the Yates Mill Ultra Euro Pillow Top. The same goes for the Simmons, as well as the Sterns and Foster found on that all-important short list... although the importance of it just left the building.

To further illustrate this issue, at the time of this writing I’ve researched one specific type of mattress, a Sealy (Posturepedic or not – this is part of the Sealy brand and can be found everywhere. It is called an “line-up” model and has it’s own line of “models” in addition to non-Posturepedic Sealys) queen size pillow top mattress. This is pretty specific and you might think that you can do some comparison shopping. Here are the models I found carried by some major stores:



Mattress Discounters

pearl McClellan
diamond Charlize
sapphire Relaxed Retreat
union Nurture Ltd.
1-800-Mattress US-Mattress
Luxemburg Midnight Haze
Yates Mill Tranquil Meadows
Baltico River Birch
Adriatic Rivera Isles
Park West Winslow Park
Radcliffborough Parsonage Lane
Cambria Heights Settlers Way
Belview House Bethany Bay
Chanel Marker Linsing
Knollwood House Alford
Hoffman Estates Kearns
Exhibition II

Remember, this is only Sealy queen size pillow-top style. The same variety and exclusivity can be found for firm, plush, semi firm, etc., in all major brands like Serta, Simmons, and Sterns and Foster. It becomes simply mind-boggling. To make the situation even worse, the manufacturers change the names of these models almost yearly.

You may be wondering just what is the difference between all of these models besides the name? With each of these exclusive models often comes some sort minor physical difference (within a similar price range). This could include a slightly different coil count or thickness, stitching pattern, or color. For the most part, the differences are minor, primarily concocted to give the retail sales outlets an edge over the consumer.

An industry insider said that for each major mattress manufacturer there are about 6 actual “levels” that represent a substantial change in quality and price. Outside of these levels, it is all just marketing hype meant to confuse the consumer. The problem is the 6 levels are not defined anywhere and it is up to the consumer to figure out how to get the best deal for their money.


Why Does This Problem Exist? ...


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