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3 Steps to Save $430 when buying a mattress


Summary of Your 3 Steps to Saving $430

Beyond the incredible benefit of being “in the know” and having confidence to beat the sales associate at their own game, it’s helpful to also save some money. Here is a review of what you need to do to save at least $430 on a mid to upper level mattress:


1. Shop by Line-Up models. By narrowing your search, as discussed throughout the text, to comparing ‘line-up’ models, you eliminate paying additional money for a similar mattress. It is often seen that similar mattress that are from different manufacturers can vary by hundreds of dollars from store to store. By making the step to settle in on one brand’s ‘line up’ model, you can probably save about $200, not to mention the saving from understanding the sales tactics.

2. Buy the box spring from the classified “new” sellers. As discussed in the classified mattress ad section, depending on how your store prices separate components of the set you can save up to $200.

3. Order you mattress pad/protector/cover from a reputable online dealer that offers fair and fast shipping. See the list HERE. Or at http://www.mattressscam.com/mattress_covers.htm


We hope you enjoyed reading The Mattress Scam and especially hope that you learned a lot of valuable information that can help make your mattress purchase an easier experience. We wouldn’t use a term like “delightful” because after all, it’s just an ugly mattress.

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