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MATTRESS Set-Full size, brand name, never used, still in plastic, 10 yr. warranty, sell $139. Can deliver. 639-

Open up a major metropolitan newspaper and more than likely you will see a variety of ads that look similar to this one:

MATTRESS Set-Full size, brand name, never used, still in plastic, 10 yr. warranty, sell $139. Can deliver. 639-

In a recent Sunday paper there were 10 total Mattress ads. We are not talking about the traditional classified ad where somebody is trying to unload used merchandise. These ads all state terms along the line of “new”, “still in plastic”, “never used”, “warranty”, etc. What is this all about?


If you contact a lot of the people selling these mattresses, as we did, you begin to see a common theme. There is a little bit of secrecy mixed in with a bit of shadiness. They usually have a warehouse somewhere, and on several occasions claim that a relative actually gets the mattresses, the person on the phone just sells them.

It appears that this “underground” industry has developed because of the natural economic flaws in the traditional retail section of the industry. There is an obvious need for a mattress that is sold at a price more reflective of the cost of the product. That is, at less margin. It’s the classic example of less overhead, better price.


When querying these classified ad mattress sellers, there were a few common themes. They were more likely to have lesser known brands, such as IBC, Golden, and Symbol. There is nothing wrong with these brands, they are just not as established as the big “S” brands like Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Sterna & Foster (I have no idea why so many of them strat with S – maybe it’s to make things even more confusing!).

You can look up these companies and they have warranties similar to those of the big brands. You will most likely find no comfort or return guaranty at all with these sellers. Also, there will be no showroom. Don’t count on the price you see in the ad, that is usually their lower end model.

These sellers are a good choice for someone that is on a very tight budget. A few of them researched turned out to be authorized dealers of the brands they were selling, although sometime you had to ask them what they’re company name was. A simple e-mail to the manufacturer confirmed the legitimate status. On some occasions they were selling major brands, and those manufacturers confirmed they were authorized dealers.

Service is next to nothing. Some will offer to deliver the mattress; others just have them in a warehouse. They may or may not be around a year down the road.

If you decide you want to go this route and you find one that sells a major brand, you can include it in your buying process outlined later (the 5 Steps to buying a Mattress).


Here is a Tip that Can Save you Hundreds

The box spring of a mattress set should be close to meaningless to you. As you have learned through the warranty section, most manufacturers require a proper, supportive box spring. For the most part this means don’t use your old beat up box spring from 1970. The box springs manufactured by IBC, Golden, etc. are modern, supportive, “proper” box spring.

When shopping for your mattress, consider the store’s policy for buying just the mattress. In some cases it will be separate pricing, in other cases it will be a % of the “set” price. For example, if the queen mattress set you like at Joe’s Discount Mattress is $1,000, the mattress alone will probably either be priced separately at some portion of $1,000, or it will be a %, such as 20% or 30% (we found these to be common. In either case, you are probably paying about $300 for the box spring.

Call the Classified guys mentioned earlier. Get a quality IBC, Golden, or major brand new box spring from them – it will be substantially cheaper. Be sure to review the latest version of the warranty information from the manufacturer of the mattress you are buying.

Do you need a simple step-by-step guide to help you buy a mattress?

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