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Q: Do you want to be ripped off by a slippery mattress salesman?
Q: Are you a weak and confused consumer walking into the mattress sales trap?
Q: Do you like feeling robbed, confused, or swindled?
A: No! Take action. Gain Confidence. Beat the Mattress Scam.
Hello, and welcome to MattressScam.com. At prices that ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars, purchasing a mattress should not be taken lightly. More importantly than your wallet, it's your sleep, comfort, and health that are at stake as well. The mattress industry is very unique. Few people go through the mattress shopping experience without confusion or feeling like they have lost some control over the purchase decision and there is a very good reason for this phenomenon. It starts at the top with the major manufacturers and works it's way all the way down to the sales sharks, excuse me, sales associates, on the display floor. The whole system is designed to limit the customer's bargaining power but with a little bit of research and effort, there is a way to beat it!


I am a fan of digging into what is really behind a given sales pitch whether it be a commercial, print ad, or the face-to-face rambling of a persuasive sales person. I often conclude the communications to be honest but sometimes I can not help feeling like I just want to yell out loud “what a scam!”

I have long since been aware of the peculiarities of the mattress sales process. I’ve purchased them, been friends with some folks who sold them, and would occasionally reference the industry’s quirks when in a related discussion.

Recently I determined it was time for a new mattress and before starting the process I decided I was going to really take a good look at what makes the mattress sales world tick. I’m an objective type of skeptic most of the time, so I was determined to figure out a way to deal with the process. I didn’t want to come out of it feeling like I have no clue what went on or what I bought and knowing I spent too much money.

I don’t have anything against sales people and to use a common cliché’, one of my best friends is a career salesman. There is a need for the profession and I firmly believe that most sales people are honest and ethical and deserve every bit of the commissions they generate.

You know the saying about bad apples. In addition to laying out the wholesale to retail issues, this website also highlights some bad apples and their techniques. This is all done for the benefit of the consumer. If I occasionally reference a sales person with the name of a predatory animal, it is only a reference to the bad apples (and partially done for the humorous aspect). Let’s face it, when the topic is mattresses, there needs to be a way to keep the reader entertained!

You Need Confidence to Beat the Mattress Scam

There is a very unique three factor combination that makes the mattress sales process extremely ripe for high pressure sales tactics. We have uncovered them and explain the salesman's Lethal Combination. With the right knowledge the mattress shopper has the confidence needed to beat the salesman at his own game.

Nobody can tell you the right mattress to buy. Unlike most other products, there are no reviews or reports that can tell you which mattress works well for you. The consumer has to go out into the waters. They have to swim with the sharks. But the consumer does not have to be eaten like a guppy. Don't be a guppy, beat the mattress scam!

If you have already shopped for a mattress, the process most likely confused you. Soon after the adventure begins, a funny feeling creeps into your brain. You quickly realize that shopping for a mattress is like no other shopping exercise you have ever experienced. Why is this so? The mattress industry is quite unique and some might say quite corrupt.

Did you know that you could pay $1,300 for a mattress in store A when store B sells what is basically the same model (besides the model name and some cosmetic variations) by the same manufacturer, for less than $700? It makes buying a car feel like a day at the spa. From the manufacturers, to the retailers to the sales associates, the mattress industry does it their way. That mattress industry way is very good for the industry participants, but it is not very good for the mattress consumer. Fortunately, with a little education the consumer can gain an upper hand in the very tricky process of buying a mattress.

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